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17 Jan 20

Charme & Beauty azienda leader di prodotti professionali per parrucchieri, in linea con il suo programma di formazione, propone un nuovo appuntamento con focus sulla COLORIMETRIA previsto per Lunedì 20 GENNAIO 2020 dalle 9.30 alle 18.00.

Il corso sarà condotto dal tecnico GIORGIO ALFIERI by Alfieri Artistic Group e sarà occasione di crescita ed aggiornamento per i parrucchieri, i quali si cimenteranno in tecniche diverse.

Per informazioni e prenotazioni:
Via Ferrante Imparato, 198 - San Giovanni a Teduccio - NAPOLI - Interno CM2

Telefono 081 5591850

17 Jan 20

From this year, COSME TOKYO will take place within COSME Week Tokyo.

10th COSME Week TOKYO will be held in January 20 (Monday) – 22 (Wednesday), 2020. At the 2020 edition, it will be the largest and most diversified in the show’s history welcoming 900 exhibitors from 35 countries including many national pavilions and 30,000 visitors.

What is COSME Week Tokyo? It's 10th COSME Week TOKYO gathers finished cosmetics products, ingredients, packaging, private label cosmetics and beauty & health foods, etc. The show consists of 3 specialised exhibitions (COSME Tokyo Osaka - COSMETECH Tokyo Osaka - INNER BEAUTY TOKYO) and the each exhibition will have synergetic effect as the show will get attention from whole beauty industry.

17 Jan 20
Ivan Rodriguez international hairstylist

Inspired by rebellion, the adolescent in search of her own identity, the one who seeks and dares to experiment in her search. The extra light blonde hair, a natural reflection, accompanies the collection.

Ph: Jell Loya
Make-Up: Thessa Peralta
Styling: Melissa Weeb


17 Jan 20
Kristijan Petek

Find put the latest hair collection, called “Living Hairv”, made by “Kristijan Petek” international hairstylist from UK.

Make up: Marko Žagar for KSFH
Photo: Dejan Nikolič for KSFH


17 Jan 20
Stevo salon & Academy team

Obsession is the latest Stevo hair team collection inspired by geometric precisionhaircuts and monochrome shades of hair, with individual sections colored in contrasting tones.The haircut is based on thin sections and precise cuts. The front hair is straight cut and short, medium length or long. The length of the hair is symmetrical or asymmetrical, the shapes are of different lengths.

Ph: Nenad Cakic
Make-up: Empera Atrizz
Stylis: Stevo


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