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Testa Modella - I parrucchieri curano la salute dei capelli nei saloni di bellezza ed estetica,con acconciature di stile per foto moda-capelli e vendita di prodotti per la cura dei capelli.

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20 Nov 17

gabona offerte

Ecco le Super Offerte del giorno su alcuni marchi!


Think Big Texture Spray - 250ml - €4,80
Big Bold ooMF Shampoo -300ml - €4,38
Hair Shaper Original - 75gr - €6,99
Blonde Violet Conditioner - 1000ml - €12,84

20 Nov 17

Softness and curls will be the major themes this winter to reveal femininity at its best, as well as a true come back to the 90’s. It will all be about scarves and accessories, either with loose or attached hair. Colors will outline the face with warm or cold shades, creating very natural effects.

Collection: Sun Effect
Ph: Daniel Pister
Make-up: Mélanie Di Salvo
Salon: Eric & Laurent


20 Nov 17



“Make a wish”…..Like an open dandelion blowing in the wind, she was influenced to create dreamy, fairytale like hairstyle’s using soft romantic waves and chignons loose with texture.

Collection: Dreamy Bridal
Ph: Nancy Tran
Make-up: Belinda Kruse
Stylist: Vivianna Pannell
Model: Annishka Oska


20 Nov 17



It is exactly te idea of change and reinvention which Sloan is examining through his hair: his collection is at once a breath of fresh air and a nod to the past. A place where the ultra-modern harmoniously co-exists with its late seventies influences: a flicked fringe, a shaggy crop, a nouveau mullet, a rock chick, a pixie, a gloriously vibrant Raquel Welch-esque mane.

Collection: Where Are We Now?
Ph: Jack Eames
Make-up: Maddie Austin
Stylist: Clare Frith
Colourist: Isobel Allan


20 Nov 17

Collection: Jackii Brown Mens I
Ph: Wendyanne Thurling


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